Al Stimac, Champion of Manufacturing

By March 23, 2005General

There are champions and there are champions, but Al Stimac, CEO of Metal Essence is a one-man army for manufacturing. Here’s a great article about him, a true American success story, from The Manufacturer. It covers all his innovation and touches on his passion for manufacturing, but unless you know Al, it doesn’t really do him justice. A Croatian immigrant and a completely self-made man, he has single-handedly put manufacturing on the map in Florida, working tirelessly with his friend Gov. Jeb Bush. He has unified diverse manufacturing groups in Florida and has helped push manufacturing to the top of the agenda there. He really is an inspiration to those of us lucky enough to know him and work around him. Oh, and did we mention that he’s an NAM Board member? Yeah, he does that in his spare time.

Anyway, a great article — enjoy. And watch out, he’s got his sights set on the rest of the country.