A Million Jobs May Tumble Into the Sea in California

By March 1, 2005Studies and Reports

Interesting study released today by our friends (and affiliates) at the California Manufacturing and Technology Association (CMTA), noting that unless manufacturers and state government take concerted action, they stand to lose up to a million jobs to other states and countries. California, which ranks 49th in net domestic migration (see the “Little Red Book” story, below)has already lost some 200,000 jobs. They are a the risk of losing more, the study says, “as manufacturers seeking lower taxes, cheaper energy and less restrictive labor laws consider moving jobs overseas and to other states.”

We are in a worldwide competition for jobs here, and we labor under a 22% cost disadvantage vs. our major trading partners. Bravo to the CMTA for doing this important study. Here’s the link to the full study, “One Million Jobs at Risk: The Future of Manufacturing in California“.