By February 17, 2005General


Manufacturers descend upon Washington for 72 hours and — bam! — the Class Action Fairness Act passed the House of Representatives, following the Senate’s passage last week. How’s that for results?

Truth is, this bill has been around since the 105th Congress. We are now in the 109th, each Congress is of two years’ duration. You do the math. (And we think the Chinese are slow to act on the yuan….) It’s why we say it’s like the game of rugby here — the victory goes to the ones who hang in there and push and push and never let up. Our hats are off to all the NAM members, manufacturers large and small, who weighed in and provided the final push across the goal line. We expect it’ll be signed by the President ASAP.

Here’s a link to the press release we put out on this historic event and here’s a copy of the message that John Engler just sent to all NAM members. Don’t forget to say “thanks” or “thanks for nothin'”, to your representatives and Senators as the case may be. And don’t forget to let your employees know how folks voted on this issue which costs them money every day.

Reminds us of that old hymn, “Life is Like a Mountain Railroad” and it’s great refrain: “Keep your hand upon the throttle and your eye upon the rail.”