So Let it be Spoken, So Let it be Done….

By February 10, 2005Briefly Legal

While the boss was out urging the Senate to pass class action reform at the Press Club(see below), the Senate was getting about the business of, well, passing class action reform. This afternoon, by a squeaker margin of 72-26, the Senate passed S.5, the Class Action Fairness Act of 2005.

It is an object lesson in the ways of Washington that it took some two years to approve a bill that ultimately passed by a 46-vote margin. It shows how the will of the minority can gum up the will of the (vast) majority. It also shows that — as in rugby — victory goes to the ones who stay in the game and never stop pushing.

Here’s a copy of John Engler’s message to NAM members after the vote. Let’s hope we can get this to the President’s desk ASAP.

And here’s a list of the sub-minority of 26 Senators who voted against the bill. Yup, John Kerry’s on there.