Lawyers Play “Beat the Clock”

By February 23, 2005General

While the President was uncapping his pen last week to sign the Class Action Fairness Act, lawyers were slithering at record land speed into their favorite holes in Madison County and St. Clair County Illinois, both at the top of the ignominious “Judicial Hellholes” hit parade. Here’s an article from the Madison Record by Steve Gonzales about plaintiff attorney Steve Tillery, who managed singlehandedly to file nine lawsuits on Friday, before the bill became law. Among the plaintiffs who might’ve otherwise been denied justice was one David Rook who sued Sealy, claiming that they refused to replace a warranted mattress because it had a stain on it. My, oh my, where to begin to put a price on his unfathomable pain?

In this article by Paul Hampel of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch — a guy who has done a great job of chronicling the tremendous abuse by trial lawyers — he notes that on Friday, all tolled, thirty four class actions were filed in Madison County and fifty one in St. Clair County.

What a disgusting spectacle, these lawyers taking one last shot at the trough. As if we needed more evidence of the need for legal reform. Don’t let anyone tell you it doesn’t matter.

Wonder if there will be any lawsuits from those who were standing around outside the courthouse and were innocently trampled….?