John Edwards’ War on Poverty

By February 8, 2005Briefly Legal

Item: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill announced last week that its favorite ambulance-chasing son, former Senator John Edwards will be heading up its new Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity (no, not “Opportunism”).

[Insert your own joke here]

Multi-millionaire Edwards knows a thing or two about poverty, having impoverished many people and businesses in his career by suing them and greatly enriching himself in the process. Clearly his favored solution to ending poverty is to hurry up and sue somebody — income transfer at its finest, keep a little (like a third) for yourself.

We’ll remind you that during his time in the Senate, Edwards managed an NAM Vote Rating of a puny 7%, making him one of the Senate’s top job-killers.

Here’s hoping that somewhere back in the stacks of UNC he stumbles upon some old research on the topic which still holds true today, i.e., that the best cure for poverty is not a lawsuit but a good job.