Friday Follies

By February 4, 2005Friday Follies

A few things to round out the week:

— Trying to maintain a link to manufacturing in all (OK, most) things posted on the blog, this was sent to me by a real live manufacturer, an NAM Board member nonetheless. WARNING: Do not open unless you have lots of time to kill, as it’s a bit addictive. It involves hand-eye coordination, a golf club and a cartoon penguin. The person who sent it reached 315, we reached 321, not on work time of course. Give it a try. Click on the Bumble with the bat, click again as the penguin starts to fall and you’re good for an hour at least. Note to the folks from PETA: No penguins were injured in the making of this blog.

— Hope everyone enjoys the Super Bowl on Sunday, the game that happens in between the commercials. Not sure it’ll be the same without Janet Jackson. That must not have been an American Manufacturer’s wardrobe that malfunctioned, we’re quite sure. In any event, you’ll (hopefully) see some good football, but you’ll also see the handiwork of America’s manufacturers: the munchies, the lights, the Gatorade, the Under Armour and the Lombardi trophy, among others. Click here for an article by our Dave Kralik on the great work of US Manufacturers in making the Super Bowl possible. Be proud.

Have a good weekend!