Friday Follies: Global Warming, As Old as the Hills

By February 25, 2005Friday Follies, Global Warming

In case you missed this….

Buried in relatively small print on page A-11 of yesterday’s Washington Post was an item entitled, “Ice Shelf Melt Holds Clues”. In it, the Post spends all of about 250 words noting that scientists have discovered that stable ice shelves in Antarctica have melted in the past. Finding organisms deposited some 9500 years ago (pre-dating even Bob Byrd’s election to the US Senate), “The discovery shows that oceanic and atmospheric temperature variations then were greater than those now that are tied to human factors”, according to the British Antarctic Survey.

In other words, if there’s a warming trend, it’s probably not owing to Cro-Magnon man’s use of the internal combustion engine.

Now, if this study had reched a different conclusion, i.e., if it actually supported the popular and speculative notions of global warming, do you think the Post might’ve given it more ink and more prominence…?