Friday Felines and Canines

By February 11, 2005General

— Having conquered the world then known to him, the young Alexander the Great is said to have gone to ask the great teacher Diogenes what he could do for him. “Only stand out of my light”, said Diogenes. Here’s a take on that story from our recent Just in Time newsletter, with application to manufacturers’ message to Congress next week.

— Want more business? You know we just keep asking and asking. There are two more of our wildly popular webinars coming up: one assessing “The Current Climate of Middle Market Mergers and Acquisitions” on February 17 and one on “Exporting to Australia” on February 23. G’day mate!

— This week, our Manufacturing Institute, in conjunction with and the American Association of Community Colleges and the College Board, launched “Dream It, Do It“, a nationwide grassroots campaign aimed at attracting young adults into manufacturing jobs and expanding education and training opportunities to meet a growing shortage of skilled employees.

— And, last but not least, manufacturers in the mood for love? You betcha! As we bear down on Valentine’s Day, don’t forget the contribution that manufacturers are making to romance. Click on this link for a story by the NAM’s Marissa Gandelman for all the things we bring to the table — at least the stuff we can print on a family blog: the candles, the perfume, the box of chocolates, the wine, the conversation hearts, you name it. This Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to tell your favorite manufacturer that you love them. They will love you back.