Finishing Out the Day….

By February 17, 2005General

— The Coalition Forum had a good turnout, and heard John Engler and Asst Secy for Manufacturing Al Frink and then Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) lit the room on fire. He’s great, left everybody pretty pumped up. He does this great spiel on taxes, walks you through an ordinary person’s typical day and all the taxes they incur, from the license on your car, to the various state and local income tax, the marriage tax and ending unceremoniously with the death tax. A good reminder to all of us.

— The reception on Capitol Hill last night drew hundreds of NAM members and over a hundred Members of Congress. A very big room was very crowded, buzzing with the sound of manufacturers making their presence known and their voices heard. Today, there are hundreds of visits with Members of Congress and manufacturers talking about reducing the cost of doing business in the US and maintaining a level playing field. Click here to see a copy of the ad we ran in Roll Call and The Hill, the two Capitol Hill newspapers, listing our award winners, any Member of Congress regardless of party who votes with us 70% of the time or more on NAM-member-determined issues of importance.

— The best idea to come out of yesterday was to level the playing field by exporting more lawyers to China.