A Busy First Day for the 72

By February 15, 2005General

A busy day and a good kick-off for the 72 Hours today. Highlights were a great President’s Council meeting, a supercharged group of our most active small and medium members. We also got a bunch of our regional fly-ins kicked off as well.

Tonight was a reception and dinner, the latter featuring US News contributor and author Michael Barone, a downright brilliant political thinker and about the only guy to consistently call it right on Election Night, for Fox News (where else…?). He talked about the change to a decentralized, networking society among both the electorate and the media. He said with the election of 2004, the “old command and control media” lost its hold and influence on the electorate. (To wit: Swift Boat Veterans and Dan Rather) In its place, the emergence of….

[Drum roll here]

The blogosphere!

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for being part of the revolution. It was only after he finished his speech that he discovered that the NAM has a blog of its own.

Great to be part of the cutting edge, no?

More reports as warranted. Don’t forget to weigh in if you haven’t already done so. See “Don’t Just Sit There!”, below to see how you can e-join us this week.