“72” Update

By February 16, 2005General

— Another good day for manufacturing. Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum kicked it off with a breakfast speech, hit all the right issues. Spent a fair amount of time on Social Security, saying, among other things that European countries, facing the same demographic changes as us, have gone to personal accounts. We should do the same. “Trust in the miracle of compound interest and the strength of the American economy”, he said. He said that the Democrats’ position, i.e., “There’s no problem and we don’t need a solution” is untenable. The alternative is also unappealing: cut benefits or raise taxes.

In response to a question about new energy sources, he made the point that all environmentalists should support energy production in the US, since we’ll produce it cleaner than anwyhere else in the world. Interesting point. Here’s a transcript of his remarks and the Q & A.

— The President’s Council continues its meeting. This is a really great bunch of our small and medium manufacturers, some of the best manufacturers in the world. One in particular has raised the issue of Chinese and European counterfeiting. Doing a Google search of her product, the first name to pop up was the Chinese counterfeit. She’s already working with the NAM international department to get this information to the Department of Commerce and the US Trade Representative’s Office for action. If you have any counterfeiting issues, let us know and we’ll get to work.

More to follow…..