The Real Outsourcing Story: Storming Heaven

By January 10, 2005General

If you want to know the real story on outsourcing, we were reminded by the Washington Post of a story that ran in the vaunted New York Times last summer, when the outsourcing (non-)issue was in full frenzy, before the election, and before the mention of the word dropped in half (see story, below). Here’s the story, from the Post’s annual “News of the Weird”:

“Overworked Catholic clergy in the US, Canada and Europe are outsourcing prayer requests from parishioners to Catholic clergy in India…”

This makes perfect sense to us in that manufacturers move production to be close to the customer. In fact, 90% of what US manufacturers produce overseas stays overseas. Since half the world is closer to heaven for half the day, it makes sense that prayers should be sent from there, to shorten the transit time, the “time to market” as it were, no?