Into the Fray!

By January 26, 2005Briefly Legal

At 11 a.m. today, we will be announcing the launch of the American Justice Partnership (AJP) at a press conference here at NAM headquarters.

As you faithful NAM followers and blog readers know, NAM President John Engler has announced an intention to work for the confirmation of federal judges who are fair-minded when it comes to business issues. (See “Evaluating Judges Through a Wider Lens”, January 18, below). Well now comes a complement to that effort, the AJP.

The AJP is a nationwide coalition that will bring together leading pro-reform groups to advocate legal reform at the state level. Its goals are to: 1.) Support pro-reform candidates for governor, attorney general, the state legislature and state supreme court; 2.) Enact pro-reform legislation and adopt court rules to curb frivolous lawsuits; and 3.) to educate the public about the importance of legal reform. As it now stands, the amount we spend on legal costs in this country exceed the entire Gross Domestic Product of some 200 countries.

Here’s a copy of the message that went out from John Engler to all NAM members yesterday. You can also access a one-pager on the AJP, and can visit the AJP website.

Stay tuned, will update as needed, but this is going to be a big story. Know how we can tell? It’s got the folks over at the People for the American Way up in arms.

Follow this link for a video of today’s press conference.