End of the Week Cats & Dogs

By January 7, 2005General

OK, here’s the end of the week round-up:

— For those of you who missed it, here’s a link to yesterday’s C-SPAN interview with NAM President John Engler. It’s about a half hour in total but you can do your e-mail while you run it and listen to it. Some good stuff here on a wide range of topics.

— This week we put out the 2005 NAM Agenda. We will continue to focus on the issues most important to manufacturers large and small: Reduce the cost of production in the US, level the international playing field, develop the 21st Century workforce and promote innovation, investment and productivity. Please read it over, there will be a test throughout the entire 109th Congress…

— Finally, so many NAM members have been leaders in making sure that they and their employees are involved in carrying the manufacturing message. If you want to see some best practices (which we hope you will emulate), go to our “Best Practices” website. Enjoy!