Down the Rathole, Again…

By January 13, 2005Labor Unions

Here’s a press release from the Americans for Tax Reform, demanding that organized labor explain to its members why their union dues went in political donations to virtually only Democrats. Since l989, unions gave $183 million to Democrats, some 96% of total union giving.

ATR points out that CNN exit polling showed that almost 40% of union members voted for President George Bush. These folks are not being represented in the House of Labor. Very sad.

Just to put a little historical perspective on this, here’s a piece from December of 2002 called, “Once More, Down the Rathole”about the $141 million of their members’ money that the AFL-CIO put down the rathole in the elections of 2000 and 2002. At the time, their stated intention was, “to win back the House for the Democrats”, a task in which they failed miserably.

Just think of what they could do with that money if they put it into organizing, or better yet to help purchase health care for the uninsured, an issue they purport to care about. How many unemployed families could buy groceries for a week with that $183 million? Imagine the fealty they’d earn with working people if they used this money for good, worthy causes. Sam Gompers must be rolling over in his grave.

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: this is not a labor movement, it’s a political movement. And, they’re playing with their members’ money.