Unions “Less Credible” Than Employers

By December 9, 2004Labor Unions

This one deserves its own entry, separate and apart from the one above.

Darrell Shull of BIPAC also had some slides from a post-election survey that they did, asking employees whether they received information from their employers during the election, whether or not they found it helpful, whether they wanted to hear from their employer on this kind of stuff, etc., etc.

Interestingly, when asked, “Which organization do you feel provides the most credible political information on issues and elections affecting your job, company and industry?”, by a whopping 59% – 8%, respondents chose, “My employer” over “Labor unions”.

Once again, this just goes to show the potency of the P2 efforts with employees, even those who are represented by unions. It irks the folks at the AFL-CIO to hear that they’re out of touch with their members, but numbers like this just bring it home.

Check out these slides here.