Some Interesting Political Stuff

By December 9, 2004General

This week marked our quarterly Nat’l Public Affairs Steering Committee meeting, here in DC. Some interesting stuff always comes out of these meetings. This year we were enlightened by Rich Galen of “Mullings” fame, and an all-around entertaining guy. We heard from Darrell Shull of BIPAC and Whit Ayres of Ayres, McHenry & Associates, both entertaining as well, and insightful. All provided their political insight, looking both back and forward.

Rich used no slides, only his wits, which are on view regularly though his cyber-column, “Mullings“. If you don’t subscribe, you should. In one of our first blog entries, we noted his coining of the verb “to daschle”, or more accurately, “to be daschled”.

Darrell Shull presented some very interesting data from BIPAC and the net effect of the Prosperity Project (P2), in which so many NAM members participated. His slides have some good data on the usage of the BIPAC website, including tracking page views per day and per state and some voter registration and early voter numbers as well. In Ohio alone, some 119,000 voter registration forms were downloaded through the P2 website. The President’s margin of victory in Ohio? 118,000 votes.

Whit Ayres did a great analysis of some of the numbers from the 2004 election, with some good comparisons on turnout and demographics with the election of 2000. (Anyone remember the election of 2000….?). There are some great slides here, including one on the voting patterns of churchgoers (vs. non-churchgoers), the changing political dynamics in the South and on the expected impact of all of this on our agenda in the 109th Congress.

All these slides are available on our Public Affairs website. Happy reading!