Odds & Ends

By December 3, 2004General

An update on the goings-on of manufacturing and manufacturers this day:

— First and foremost, President Bush today nominated a manufacturer, Carlos Gutierrez, CEO of the Kellogg Company, to be the new Secretary of Commerce. This is a great day for manufacturers when one of our own is nominated to serve in the President’s Cabinet. Evans will be a tough act to follow in terms of his focus on and his support for manufacturing, but everything we know about Carlos Gutierrez tells us he’s up to the job. Better still, his life story — from Cuba, to truck driver to CEO — is a true American success story. Click here
for the NAM press release applauding his selection. We look forward to working closely with him and his team.

— Our fearless leader, John Engler, will be in Florida on Wednesday, attending the first-ever manufacturing summit there. Gov. Bush will also be in attendance. Thanks to NAM Board Member — and small manufacturer — Al Stimac (another American success story) for making this event happen. Click here for details on the summit.

— Finally, our humble little blog made the news again, still milking the John Sweeney story, in a piece by Steve Franklin, labor beat reporter extraordinaire for the Chicago Tribune. Apparently the AFL-CIO complained that we were merely taking advantage of their disunity, as if somehow their disunity made the story somehow less true. Here’s the link to Steve’s story.