Judicial Hellholes

By December 15, 2004Briefly Legal

Today, our friends over at the American Tort Reform Association (ATRA) released their annual list of “judicial hellholes”. This is sort of like Blackwell’s annual list of the Worst Dressed, not a list you aspire to be on. According to the ATRA, “A number of factors contribute to a Judicial Hellhole designation, including the prevalence of forum shopping, novel legal theories, and discovery abuse, as well as the certification of class action lawsuits, the proliferation of junk science, contributions to judges and the uneven application of evidentiary rules.” Yeesh — it’s enough to make a trial lawyer salivate!

Among their top 5 are:

— Madison County, Illinois

— St. Clair County, Illinois

— Hampton County, South Carolina

— Jefferson County, Texas and

— Get this — “The Entire State of West Virginia”. Almost heaven — if you’re a trial lawyer.

Hopefully, we are an election closer to tort reform, if we stay focused and keep telling the outrageous tales of overzealous lawyers and miscarriages of justice.

Click here to see a copy of the report.