Council Of Manufacturing Associations Meeting

By December 6, 2004General

Been a little quiet around the blog these days, while we were out attending the Council of Manufacturing Associations Winter Leadership Conference in Baltimore last week. The Council is a group of about 300 manufacturing associations, and their conferences are usually jam-packed with interesting information on association management as well as insights from some visionaries as well. The latter are typically courtesy of Leading Authorities, a perennial sponsor of these meetings, with a stable of first-rate speakers. This year they did not disappoint, featuring Oren Harari, author of the best-selling, “Leadership Secrets of Colin Powell” on competitive advantage. Among other observations, he noted that as late as 1980, the three networks – NBC, CBS and ABC – had 90% of the market. This before the world descended into blogs, of course. In any event, he was entertaining and insightful. All the slides from the conference – including some very interesting presentations around various topics of association management – will be available on the Council website tomorrow.