CNN Responds

By December 4, 2004General

Got a nice e-mail from CNN today concerning the piece posted below, “CNN Presents: Half the Story”. It was actually a very cordial and measured note, saying that “presenting a fair and balanced story is tough”, but noting that they strive to do so in all projects they take on.

They went on to say that their story was intended to be an intimate look at Stark County, Ohio, “Where manufacturing has been king over the last century”, but that “to ignore the hard reality that manufacturing jobs are disappearing there is to ignore the truth.”

Our problem with the piece was that it ignored the causes of manufacturing job loss, the 22% (non-wage) cost disadvantage we have with our trading partners which drive companies out of business and out of town quicker than anything else. And, to be fair, across America (like in San Antonio, for example), towns are welcoming new mfg facilities that will rejuvenate their economies. Perhaps this might be a suitable topic for a future piece.

Also, in the e-maelstrom which followed the posting of our pique with the story below, there was a clear sense from many of the interviewees — including the people at the local employment service — that the thrust of their comments was left on the cutting room floor. This left us to conclude that someone arrived with an agenda and was determined to put it on screen, facts be damned.

In any event, we welcome civil discourse and thank CNN for taking the time to weigh in and comment.