What a Difference an Election Makes…

By November 24, 2004General

In the run-up to the election, much was said and written about the NAM Vote Ratings. Firmly rooted in — and driven by — our members, it is really the only accurate litmus to clearly delineate manufacturing friends from manufacturing foes.

In three crucial Senate races, thanks to the involvement of manufacturers and their employees, we made up a few hundred points of NAM voting record:

South Dakota:
Tom Daschle 22%
John Thune 95%

South Carolina:
Fritz Hollings 10%
Jim DeMint 88%

North Carolina:
John Edwards 8%
Richard Burr 95%

This equals — if my math is right, always a dicey proposition — a net change of +238 points in the NAM Vote Rating in just these three Senate races.

This doesn’t mean we can rest, of course. It’s only to say “attaboy” (and “attagirl”, I suppose) to all those manufacturers who stepped up to the plate, who gave their employees the information they needed to make an informed choice at the polls about who is a friend of manufacturing and who is not.