By November 10, 2004Miscellaneous

Greetings, all!

It’s great to be back at the keyboard, after a bit of a hiatus to re-charge the battery. As many of you know, for 5 years I wrote the cover of Workplace Watch, our HR newsletter, handing it over one year ago to the capable hands of Sandy Boyd. Damn if she didn’t make it better. Oh well, in the absence of a deadline I didn’t write anything for a while, putting my toe back in then water fairly recently writing some pieces for our Small and Medium Manufacturers (SMM) publication, “Just in Time” and for our Public Affairs newsletter, “PA Corner“. I’ll still be doing this and will link to those pieces if they’re any good, i.e., in case lightning strikes.

Enough personal stuff. I thought post-election was as good a time as any to start NAM-blog. Truth is, I was holding my breath for the last several months, making it tough to write in the first place. In this blog, we’ll be bringing you some thoughts on policy issues related to manufacturing, some rants, some random chatter, and links to relevant news and developments. I may enlist the help of some colleagues later on, when it’s time to depart from the rhetoric and get down to content.

To get you started, here’s a link to a schmaltzy piece that should make you all proud that you voted. Click here It’s such an important duty and one that almost 120m Americans discharged last Tuesday. Among those 120m Americans were a few million manufacturers, many making the difference in key battleground states.

So anyway, it’s good to be back. If you have an idea for topics, or want to vent or complain, just e-mail me at pjcleary@nam.org. Keep watching this space every few days for updates. Thanks to all of you who voted, who made a difference in this election. Watch this space for info over the next few days with real hard evidence that – thanks to the efforts of manufacturers and their workers – we’re moving unmistakably toward a more manufacturing-friendly Congress, little by little.