Veteran’s Day

By November 23, 2004Miscellaneous

Just wanted to take a moment to observe Veteran’s Day. Those of you who live in Washington DC should make it a point to go to The Wall today. Those of you who have never been there are missing something very powerful, very special. I had the privilege of being here in l981 on Veteran’s Day when it was dedicated. At The Wall that day were hundreds of strangers, many in camouflage, hugging each other and crying, releasing long pent-up emotion from a war that never went away, that was never resolved in the Nation’s consciousness. What always strikes me about The Wall is that no matter how big the crowd is, it is always silent there, like a church. It is no less a holy place than any church I know.

I grew up in one of those blue collar towns, Butler, NJ, that supplied manpower for that war. Joey Mathews’ name is on that wall, he lived up the street from me, and never made it home.

If you see a Vietnam vet, don’t forget to tell them the words they never heard when they came home three decades ago, “Welcome home.”

Remember all our Veterans on this, their special day. We enjoy freedom the other 364 days because of what they gave for us. God bless them all.