The Readers Respond

By November 22, 2004General

Wow — it hasn’t taken long for the chatter to begin. Am hearing from a lot of you on a wide range of topics. Let me know when you reply, by the way, if you will allow your comments to be posted or if they are intended for me only (thanks, Mom!).

On “Don’t Get Daschled”, Gage McCotter of The Auto Truck Group in Bensenville, Ill. writes: It’s not only Democrats who found they were out of touch with their constituents on Nov 2nd. Phil Crane, a 16-term pro-business Republican congressman from one of the most conservative districts in Illinois, lost to his Democratic challenger because the broad consensus was that he had lost touch with the district and had become lazy. He could be the poster child for the term-limits proponents. Being a reliable voter for pro-business legislation isn’t enough anymore.

In response to “Dick Kelch and Capital Formation”, Steve Dunn of Seneca Wire of Fostoria, Ohio, says, “One small point concerning the “Need to go to the feds” for capital formation. We need to quit trying to have it both ways. Either we are on our own without or with minimal interference from the government or we accept their meddling and regulation in exchange for their help. Quit acting like babies and asking for everything.

Oh, and most importantly, Frank Newton of Newton Screen Printing in Butler NJ — who I’ve known since 3d grade — in response to news of my new blog said simply, “You must have a lot of time on your hands…”