Involvement, Not a Sometimes Thing….

By November 26, 2004General

Mary Andringa is CEO of Vermeer Manufacturing, a small and medium manufacturer (SMM) in Pella, Iowa and a member of the NAM Board of Directors. She is also very active in the Prosperity Project (P2), getting her employees informed, registered and to the polls in a state that saw a very close Presidential race. For her efforts, she was profiled in a front page LA Times story by Tom Hamburger, one of the first reporters to break the story of business invovlement many years ago.

However, more important is what happened last week. With the election at last behind us, Mary sent the following e-mail out to her employees, reminding them that the real work has just begun. She urged them to continue to return to the company P2 site to weigh in on issues and to keep tabs on how their elected officials are voting on issues of importance to manufacturers. If you haven’t already done so, you might want to take a page — literally — out of Mary’s book and send a similar memo to your employees:

Click Here for a copy of Mary’s excellent memo.