Don’t Get Daschled

By November 21, 2004General

My old friend Rich Galen over at Mullings ( was talking the other day about the growing use of the verb “to Daschle”, as in “I don’t want to get Daschled”. It is surprising how potent Sen. Daschle’s defeat has become on Capitol Hill. It has become a morality tale, an object lesson for anyone who is straying too far from their roots, whose record and constituents grow too far apart.

This is especially true among the class of ’06, the 33 Senators who are up for re-election in two years. Download the list. Some of these folks will be getting a little jittery, looking over their shoulders in the coming two year session, the mighty 109th Congress. We are hopeful that we have a real shot at some long-awaited legislation like legal reform and can maybe make some headway with the folks who don’t want to get daschled.