Dick Kelch and Capital Formation

By November 20, 2004General

Got an e-mail from my old buddy Dick Kelch of Ashton Plastics in Xenia, Ohio. Dick is no shrinking violet and we have a brisk e-mail dialogue. Dick lets me know if I jump the track. In any event, he wrote to say, “You guys have to work on capital formation and working capital help from the Feds. Nothing else. I am tired of preaching this and GW always says he wants to see action… The banking community is really putting the screws to everyone and not making ANY working capital loans.”

Was wondering if any of you were experiencing the same thing. This is one of those issues that we heard a little bit about a few years back, then nothing. Is it bubbling up again?

Dick Kelch, by the way, is a septuagenarian manufacturer with movie star looks who embodies all that is great about manufacturing. He has battled back from some tough times to innovate and invent new consumer products that are already very popular with seniors. Click here for our Just In Time profile of Dick from just a month or so ago.